Private villa | Hóros

ὅρος _ hóros
< Ancient Greek word | “boundary”

ARCHITECTURE : Vrantsi Chrysi

YEAR : 2022



STATUS : Permit

This villa is located in Crete with a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea. In this project, the basic design guideline was the minimum possible intervention in the landscape to achieve a harmonious synthesis of forms.

 It is located close to the coastline of Crete and offers an outstanding endless view. The client was eager to utilise each possible area of the site yet ensure that they maintained privacy. The villa is fully integrated into the physical environment following the site topology. The rooftops, by having the same vegetation and bioclimatic characteristics, aid in the restoration of the natural environment.

This villa reflects the modern and luxurious lifestyle, it has a spacious living room, large swimming pool, elegantly furnished dining room, etc.  Materials and colours selected to befit the surrounding landscape, creating an uninterrupted continuity between interior and exterior.