Prow concept

ARCHITECTURE : Vrantsi Concept & Programming // Schematic Design // Design Development 

The design inspiration for the Prow concept is rooted in the pronounced form of a ship’s prow, lending a sense of maritime sophistication. Resembling futuristic space capsules, this architectural concept merges clean lines and refined angles to craft a visually captivating structure. It aims to evoke a sense of intrigue and sophistication, inviting viewers to ponder its enigmatic allure.

Elevating the typology of modern luxury living, this villa harmonizes with its surroundings while asserting its distinct identity. Anchored atop a hill, its minimalist design amplifies the breathtaking panorama of the sea. With every sleek line and sharp angle, it stands as a testament to contemporary elegance, a beacon of sophistication amidst the natural splendor.These residences exude a bold aesthetic, ensuring utmost privacy through their design. Resembling futuristic caps