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Nabla Symbol is a vector differential operator used in vector calculus and displays how a shape change its form in the three dimensional Euclidean space.



Vrantsi is international award-winning architecture and design practice based in Thessaloniki and in Athens, led by Vrantsi Anastasia and Vrantsi Chrysi.

The studio established in 2019, undertakes renovation and construction projects with projects in Greece and abroad, delivers all scales of design and construction. Landscape, building design and interior design.

Inspired by the thin lines between science and art our firm is committed to developing sophisticated architectural designs and high-quality services.

Through our design we promote the values of architecture and its relationships with the development of our culture, technology, and environmental demands, as architecture captures and reflects the dynamic development of our world.

Considering sustainability to be of the highest esteem, the studio is committed to work towards the ecological development of the building environment always aware of most advanced design technologies and materials.

Every architectural proposal is an artistic intention / challenge that evolves and takes its final form and substance as a new piece of art developing in the three-dimensional space. This is the centrepiece of our designs, from the first idea to the completion of our projects.

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We support new ideas in a creative environment where each designer develops its ideas communicates with the team.