ARCHITECTURE : Vrantsi Chrysi


YEAR: 2022



The purpose of the building is to make a connection between Man, Art and Nature. Argo makes full use of the resources of the natural environment and uses contemporary techniques to achieve the main aim of the design. The dynamic form of the building and the sharp angles create a futuristic and bold aesthetic. The structure itself pushes the boundaries of spatial configuration. The interior of the building also follows the same design approach. Argo cultural centre develops a sophisticated architectural design that evolves and takes its final form and substance as a piece of art developed in the three-dimensional space.

This building is a cultural centre, the main entrance can be reached through the underground parking space where there are elevators leading to the foyer on the ground floor. Besides the foyer, the ground floor includes an exhibition area, a concert hall and a bar-restaurant for visitors. The first floor of the Argo Cultural Centre includes a library, a reading area, and a workshop area. All areas of the Argo Cultural Centre are accessible by elevators and escalators.

Details, Ground floor area 5,500 square meters First floor area 2,800 square meters Materials Steel, Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete, Insulation.

The objectives of the research are to create a building which is energy efficient uses high tech materials in a futuristic design and highlights the cultural identity of the area. The design has developed using parametric design tools. There were geographical and material constraints that had to be overcome. Argo responds to current demands. it is a contemporary building enhancing the citizens connect both with culture and nature.