ARCHITECTURE : Vrantsi Concept & Programming // Schematic Design // Design Development 


Villa Earth by @vrantsiandpartners is an unparalleled experience, where the private harbor seamlessly intertwines with the pool, creating a unique typology that sets it apart. The innovative design not only captivates with its futuristic yacht-like structure but also immerses residents in a one-of-a-kind aquatic ambiance. Imagine enjoying the azure waters directly accessible from your private sanctuary, blurring the boundaries between luxury living and the natural beauty. The inclusion of lush rooftop greenery elevates eco-consciousness and overall aesthetic appeal.

Perched on a cliffside overlooking Greece’s Mediterranean coast, Villa Earth, stands as a testament to innovative design and seamless integration with nature. This private residence captivates the imagination with its dynamic shape, resembling a futuristic yacht emerging from the sea. With lush rooftop greenery and a strong commitment to sustainability, Villa Earth exemplifies a harmonious blend of luxury living, organic aesthetics, and eco-conscious design.

The structure boasts fluid lines, organic curves, and a minimalist approach, all contributing to its nautical charm and elegant aesthetic. 

The architects have integrated lush rooftop greenery, further enhancing the villa’s organic aesthetics while providing a seamless transition from the surrounding outcrops to the building itself. The green roofs not only contribute to the villa’s visual appeal but also help regulate temperature, improve energy efficiency, and reduce the building’s ecological footprint. 

Utilizing the sloped terrain, Villa Earth is structured across two levels covering a total area of 730 square meters. The upper section accommodates the bedrooms, office, and bathrooms, while the lower floor encompasses the shared spaces, including the living room, kitchen, library, gym, and bathrooms. Both floors were designed to provide all spaces with access to the view.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Villa Earth is its ability to offer different viewpoints, each presenting a unique interpretation of the structure. From certain vantage points, the villa evokes the image of a cutting-edge yacht poised to set sail into the Mediterranean waters. Alternatively, when viewed from another angle, it seamlessly melds into the rugged landscape, embracing the earth’s contours and blurring the boundaries between built and natural environments. This interplay of perspectives adds depth and intrigue, inviting observers to experience the villa’s multifaceted beauty from various angles.

When approached from the land, it seems to seamlessly integrate into the landscape, while from the sea, its sharp edges and geometry dominantly impose on the visual field. The capability of movements and flows on the horizontal and vertical axes blurs the boundary between land and sea, creating a unique experience. The private harbor offers quick access to the azure waters.

Our commitment extends to the material choices. Ground granulated blast-furnace slag takes center stage in our sustainable approach, significantly reducing the overall carbon footprint in the concrete mix planned for Villa Earth. GGBFS, a byproduct of the iron-making industry, replaces a portion of traditional cement, offering exceptional binding properties while diverting industrial waste from landfills. From cutting-edge window technologies to innovative sealing methods, every detail contributes to superior thermal performance, optimizing energy efficiency. Furthermore, our comprehensive air quality systems incorporate green spaces and advanced filtration, ensuring a healthy indoor and outdoor environment. The green roofs, integral to our plan, provide insulation, manage stormwater, improve air quality, and foster biodiversity, encapsulating our holistic sustainability approach for Villa Earth